Saturday, March 03, 2007

WoW - my latest addiction

That stands for World of Warcraft. Keith got the game cheap and started playing. Playing all the f-ing time. So, one night when it was just T and myself and T went to bed early I hopped on and created myself a character. I just had to see for myself what was the attraction.

In the early stages I loved playing by myself in the game and completing quests, etc and attaining level after level - and eventually training and keeping a pet (FuzzyWuzzy the Bear). However, now that I'm a level 21 (I think the game goes to like level 60+) I'm discovering the quests are harder to do by my lonesome.....and I now need to interact with other people in the game.

Unlike Keith, who has about 40 people in his WoW friends list, I have two: Keith and some guy who we mutually helped complete a quest last night. For some reason I just can't get into the cyber chatting with all of these "strangers". But what's even more strange is that if I met all of these people in person I'd have no problem making poliet conversation, etc.

Guess I either need to suck it up and start playing with a regular group or just suffer dying every 10 minutes doing it all myself. Either way I really need to cut back my play time.......and you'd all agree if you saw the ginormous pile of laundry sitting on my bed this morning. (Seriously K and I are both out of underware and the both boy's dressers are about empty.)

BTW - Did I mention how addicting this game is?? I got T in bed last night by 8:45pm and from 9pm to 1am (yes - 1am) I played this damn game. I had plans to log-off around 10pm and go cuddle with Keith......but that's hard to do when at 9:30pm he's snoring so loud I'm glad T's at the other end of the house.

Ah - back to my case laundry and taxes. Sounds like a fun weekend don't it?

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