Thursday, March 01, 2007

The woes of child support modification

My ex-H was unemployed for over 2 years (read no child support), he then gets a job through a temp agency. However, since it was a temp agency the courts couldn't amend his child support. Finally in the spring of 2006 he's hired on full-time, and by June 2006 we're back in court to get child support modified. Of course it goes up and he's pissed - but I don't care.

He decides to file a motion for a re-hearing in the Fall of 2006 since Stephen is no longer in daycare. Well, we goto court on Jan 9th at 11am. Basically it was a hearing to see if a re-hearing was needed on the original child support modification - in other words was there information available now that wasn't back in June - NO. The judge told ex-H that the re-hearing was denied but that he could ask for a court hearing to modify child support.

Ex-H of course heard none of this - he was just pissed that he was going to have to pay more money. I have no sympathy for the man - especially on the way into court he asks me if his car payment is taken into consideration when calculation child support. The Asshole is living well above his means and thinks he can cut his expenses by paying less child support.

Two days later Keith gets a visit from SRS (child protective services). We both knew it was ex-H that called in.....but we had to wait another 5 days to get all of the details. Apparently we were turned in for child neglect for the following items:
1. Not bathing S regularly - excuse me the boy has excema you can't bathe him every night!
2. For a cat scratch on his face that happened 15 mos ago - freak incident and I took S to his
regular doc as well as a plastic surgeon to make sure it was healing okay
3. S playing outside w/o supervision - umm....the boy needs to learn responsibility and we
live on a dead-end street
4. S in the street - have no idea about this one
5. Mysterious bruises on S's legs - the boy is a clutz, has been since he was a toddler.
6. Living near registered sex offenders - hey dumbass, there will always be registered sex
offenders living near you.

Now, not only did they need to talk to us all together (Keith, myself, S and T), but they talked to Keith and I each individually, and then talked to S at school.

Throughout this how ordeal ex-H kept denying he'd called, yet SRS told us the call came in Jan 9th in the late afternoon......hmmmm - same day as our court date.

After my mom and his mom were discussing this whole mess my ex-mil confessed that ex-H did indeed call SRS.

Didn't really matter as I had ripped ex-H a new one any way.........if you have a problem with my parenting then talk to me about it. Plus I'm not the one that has the parenting issues.

So - as a way to be a big B - I call and let him know anytime S got hurt and will show-up at his house with a bruise or mark. I know it annoys him - but he asked for it.

Update: Just got the report from SRS - everything was unfounded. Too bad I can't take that lovely little piece of paper, shove it in his face and shout "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" loud enough for everyone to hear!

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