Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feeling ashamed of myself

Yesterday afternoon L, my ex's new wife, called to ask if I'd heard from him. I said "no", and then she proceeded to tell me that she's helping one of his co-workers on a personal issue and as she was talking to him he asked how C (ex-H) was doing. She had no clue what was going on, but apprently ex-H went home sick as he was having blurry vision accompanied by a horrible headache. She was just curious if I'd heard anything........she was worried she'd get home and find him passed out on the floor or something.

Here's where I feel ashamed of myself - my first thought was maybe he's dead?!?!? Now please understand I do not wish for my son to lose his father, but it would make out lives easier. (Plus the $125k in insurance money wouldn't hurt either.)

Anyhoo - if you care she took him to the ER and he has an impacted sinus causing the headache. (Once again - dang!)

On a side note I just didn't have the heart to tell L that this is typical have no idea how many times I'd try and call him at work only to be told by his co-workers that he's home sick or went home sick. Yes, his lack of communication is something he still posses.

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