Monday, March 19, 2007

Sorta good news. . . .

. . . .ex-H dropped off S last night after the KU vs KY game. It was later than our agreed upon 6pm exchange time....but hey, KU was playing so no problem. Anyhoo - he tells me that as of April 1st they're moving. Moving to Ottawa.....30 minutes away.

Apparently the rent is cheaper by $300/mo, they'll be closer to his wife's work and her parents. He said it was that or Kansas City and since wifey-poo refuses to live in KC they moved to Ottawa.

As you can guess this will change our custody arraingment. Personally I think for the better. Yes, ex-H will be just a weekend dad....but since I can't get him to actually parent the boy this will be in the boy's best interest.

Ironically I was thinking of filing a modification to the custody agreement this summer. Now that S will officially be starting school in the fall it just seems like the right thing to do. Basically I was going to cut-out the Wed-Fri visit on the opposite week of the weekend visit.

On a side note - I'm wondering if I've finally got through to him in regards to money....either that or his student loan lenders calling me and my parents wanting current contact info. Glad his debt and spending habits aren't really my problem any more!

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